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5 Important SEO Tips

March 20th, 2013

There was a time when creating your own website was a very big success for business but with the popularity and increase in internet usage the load of websites has increased a lot. Now a website can’t be left for search engine to come and *index. With the help of latest online tools and software creating a website is not an issue anymore. There are thousands of websites and pages which are created daily. It is very difficult for a search engine to index all those websites. Many websites remain in the sandbox of search engines waiting to be known. The main work starts after creating the website. The business has to take some steps to bring its website in ranking, so the users can find it easily.

The process of optimizing the results of a search engine in our favor is known as S.E.O (search engine optimization). When we are dealing with search engines the first thing we should know is that what is the usage and popularity of various search engines.

Google is known as the king of search engines. More then 60 % of search engine users use Google for this purpose. Search engine optimization has now become very difficult due to increase in spammers and robots. Google has introduced various standards. The search process is conducted according to these standards.

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Create Unique, Quality content

The content should be of good quality and unique in its nature. The content should be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes. These mistakes decrease the overall worth of your content. Your content is read by various people. There should be no plagiarism in the content. There are a lot of tools which are used by search engines and content analyst to judge the worth of content. If the content is copied from some other website, it will give a very bad impression to them. Google also discourage the practice of submitting same content to various websites.

Create Relevant Back links

Link building is one of the main roles of S.E.O. In the past relevancy doesn’t matter in link building. A link which was coming from a high P.R (page rank) website was treated as important. Relevancy factor was ignored by search engines. Quantity of links was the only thing which matters in the ranking of a website. The main purpose was to create as many links as possible. But, after Google “Panda” and “Penguin” updates the things have changed a lot. Many website of high page rank have fallen to beginner level due to excessive irrelevant link building. Now Google is only giving importance to those links which are posted on a relevant topic or website.

seo tips

Choose keywords Wisely

When the optimization process is started the company chooses some keywords which reflect their business. These keywords are used in both on site and of site content. An ideal length of keyword is 2 words. e.g. Removal Company, Martial arts, men clothing and real estate etc. A little research should be done before choosing the key words which a business wants to use for the promotion of their website.

Check the search volume of your keywords

After you have decided to use some keywords, it better to find their search volume. Search volume should be checked before finalizing your decision. Sometimes the keywords are ranked in a very short period because there is no competition or search volume of those keywords.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the term used for excessive use of keywords in content. In latest updates Google has emphasized on leaving this bad practice. The latest updates tell that the keyword density should not be more then 2% of the total content. If you total content is of 400 words you can use 8 keywords in it.

These were some basic tips and a little knowledge of S.E.O. Search engine optimization is a very vast field. It can only be learnt by keeping yourself up to date and with continuous research.

Author Bio:
Esme Craig a content writer and an entrepreneur writes for Removal Company London that provide suitable solutions and amazing services for man and van London also.

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2 responses to “5 Important SEO Tips”

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi Latief, thanks you for the SEO tips. I’ve been doing a lot of research on keywords and there importance.

    I see a lot of businesses using their names instead of keywords in their site titles.

    Thanks for the great insight on SEO.