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7 Requirements For SEO Success

November 2nd, 2010

SEO, every blogger know this and struggling everyday with SEO. SEO still the best way to get more traffic, organic traffic to your blog or website. Organic traffic is people who came to your blog or website from the search engine, Google.

Even there is no secret about SEO, we need some requirements to success with SEO. SEO is not about keywords after all, or keywords placement. More than that if we want to success with our SEO campaign, things that I list above may be must become our consideration.

  1. Time. Yes, you can beat a blog age, older your domain is better for SEO as the time you’ll get better with your SEO. SEO need more time to success, you need to build your blog or website along with SEO.
  2. Knowledge. Basic knowledge about SEO is very important as the advance knowledge about SEO.
  3. Skill. By time and improving your knowledge, you can improve you SEO skill. Practice make perfect.
  4. Persistence. SEO is like jumping to a battle field because every body wants to be the number one.
  5. Codes. Love the codes, because we need to familiar with some codes, html, css, etc.
  6. Up Date. Keep following the up date about SEO because SEO is always changing.
  7. Marketing News. If you are about to use SEO to sale products or services, be friendly with marketing news will give you advantages.

There will be more requirements to success with SEO. I know you understand about that. and me must have more patience with our SEO result because every blogger or webmaster are unique and always have their own style. So you’ll find your own way to get your success with SEO.

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Latief Pakpahan

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35 responses to “7 Requirements For SEO Success”

  1. Great tips Latief, you are right. SEO may not be easy but it is not hard too. All you need to have is time, persistence, knowledge, determination and hard work. Then success will come automatically
    Shiva | Web Magazine recently posted..PremiumPress – Couponpress- DirectoryPress and Other Themes Discount Coupon CodeMy Profile

  2. Josh Ray says:

    Great list, it seems almost impossible to stay on top of SEO trends since every site tells you different ideas and the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms.
    Josh Ray recently posted..10 Ideas for Setting Goals and Objectives for Your BlogMy Profile

    • latief says:

      SEO have their basic πŸ˜‰ but following the up date is important if we always want to get better place in search engine search result. I know some SEO expert always gives us great tips but our experience in SEO is the key of success πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for the nice comment Josh.

  3. ecardlr says:

    Great tips for a newbie like me in the SEO world. I will certainly follow all this tips and hope to gain success in SEO for my sites

    • latief says:

      Thanks bro you get something useful from my article. I just hope you’ll get your success with your blog and especially your SEO campaign.

  4. Kimi says:

    Hey Latief,

    I like this tips, very simple and yet useful and to the point.

    Thanks for sharing with us.
    Kimi recently posted..How To Use CommentLuv Enabled Sites For BacklinksMy Profile

  5. Tech Doze says:

    Indeed this list is summarizing the most important aspects of SEO, but I think that using grate tools will do some tasks more easy and more better..

  6. Nice tips Latief :)SEO is a time taking process so we need to be have persistence.

    Wish you luck with your new services and good to see you back to blogging :).
    Shabnam Sultan recently posted..Dell XCD28 Features and PriceMy Profile

    • latief says:

      Yes, SEO is not one night action and get success shabby, we all know that.
      The services? Yes I try to give something to the blogging community, thanks.

  7. Andrei says:

    great post! our world today is in a fast pace mode so we should keep ourselves updated. Continuous learning is the one attitude one must have in order to succeed specially those who wants to be in-depth with SEO.
    Andrei recently posted..Planning your log homeMy Profile

  8. GTA 5 says:

    Thanks for these useful tips for bloggers who wants to grow up their reputation. I already follow some tips that you mentionned, but I know I still have to improve myself in SEO.
    GTA 5 recently posted..GTA 5 Liverpool TrailerMy Profile

  9. Tristan says:

    I think the best point you made is about always learning more about SEO because it changes so much. So true! It’s such a nebulous field to begin with and then you factor in how fast things change and it just shows that you’ve got to constantly be consuming more information.

    Thanks for the great post!
    Tristan recently posted..Newton’s 3 Laws of… Blogging Or- How I Got My Blog Moving!My Profile

  10. India Khoj says:

    yes i think shiva is right seo is the best way to promot ourself….. and if we want to achive better place than seo is help to promot our concern….

  11. Aswani says:

    Thanks for these useful tips. I have been working on my blog but haven’t been following these tips seriously. Will be working on it now. Keep writing :)
    Aswani recently posted..Using OSCommerce For Building Robust E-Commerce SolutionsMy Profile

  12. Roger says:

    It is hard sometimes to make sure everything is optimized but it is well worth it. SEO can go a long way if you do it right.

  13. india khoj says:

    yup its vry true…nd thanks latief…. :-)

  14. seo is the best to way to promot business site….

  15. Lynn Waits says:

    Spending enough time in improving the SEO success of a website can be very tedious. On the other hand, it can surely be very beneficial in the long run. Sadly, most people have that patience to invest in their SEO.
    Lynn Waits recently posted..Suede Fringe Camera Boot By Jessica SimpsonMy Profile

  16. Leo says:

    In addition to “persistence”, I’d like to add perseverance. SEO and the acquisition of backlinks is a long-winded task that require you to “stick at it” if you want your website to be successful and rank well for semi-competitive keywords and up.
    Leo recently posted..What is the impact of the new Google Places – Local for accountantsMy Profile

  17. Satish M. says:

    Thanks latief! I have read your 7 success for seo success. It’s really nice to me to gain the knowledge of Seo, but as you said to leo that Seo is not over night success, so what is mean by that. Is it means Seo is a life long process to keep site on rank?

    • latief says:

      SEO is a process Satish πŸ˜‰ You need to keep wathing your SEO campaign because SEO change so you need to follow the new rules πŸ˜‰ Thanks.