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How To Choose Web Hosting Provider For Your Business

April 16th, 2012

Choosing a Web Hosting provider is so easy. Most of us only see the price and amenities offered. Yet beyond that so many things that should be the primary consideration in choosing web hosting. Web Hosting is one form of rental accommodation services on the Internet that allows individuals and organizations displaying their products or services on the web / Internet sites. The place can also be interpreted as data storage in the form of megabytes (mb) to terabytes (tb), which has a connection to the Internet so that data can be requested or accessed by a user of all places simultaneously. This can lead to a website can be accessed simultaneously in a single time by a multi-user. (Wikipedia)

8 Important Factors Before You Choose Your Web Hosting Provider

Almost all companies race – the race offers the lowest possible price with unlimited all-round facilities. Even some that offer unlimited space facilities. It is quite impossible because almost all the infrastructure that supports web hosting has its limitations that can not be avoided. You need to be sure before choosing a web hosting provider that will support your business, and to help you with this, you can check out Best web hosting – a popular and well established web hosting review and resources website.

  1. Price vs Quality. Is a marketing gimmick that is quite misleading if there is a mention that the prices are not proportional to the quality. Cost is a logical consequence to deliver a service that really – really reliable. Often times a new web hosting business players were involved in this business only consider the resource space and traffic limits. Yet beyond that a lot of restrictions – other restrictions of which is a server CPU load and memory. Therefore if the price is on offer is very low then the consequence is a reduction – the reduction of potentially large hosting facilities impose an excessive burden on the server. If anyone is offering a very cheap price but still offer the facility – a fantastic facility, then this should be a big question mark. However, please do note that you can actually get very good discounts by using web hosting coupon codes which you can find on For example, you can sign up with HostGator using the coupon code “GATORSPECIAL2011” and get 25% off instantly! Isn’t this a great web hosting deal? HostGator is a popular web host and is well loved by bloggers and webmasters.
  2. Business Solutions Unlimited? Impossible! Applications are usually able to make the CPU load is high among them is the web itself, databases, mailing lists, and FTP. For the web hosting companies usually limit the number of mailing lists, FTP accounts, and databases to maintain service reliability. Besides traffic per month is also limited by the assumption that if traffic is high, then the server load is high. Therefore, review again your choice if the choice falls on a web hosting company that offers unlimited all-round facilities.
  3. Ownership and Domain Settings.  Domain rightly belong to the customer and the customer entitled to make arrangements for him. Therefore, customers must be given access to the domain control panel that serves to regulate the administrative domain (whois info / ownership) and technical (nameserver settings). If the customer is given a domain control panel settings, then if one customer wants to move the hosting, do the nameserver settings, and transfer of domain ownership or transfer to another domain registrar will find it difficult because it depends on the hosting company where customers purchase the domain. Before you hire a hosting should first consider your needs. If your site a blog, I suggest to not hire a hosting huge capacity of hard disk. But if your website to shop online then use hosting that has a large hard disk storage as most online stores use images as a means of mediation.
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  1. Speed. The first thing you should notice is the speed of connection is owned by web hosting. Speed relate to the technology used by the web hosting firm.
  2. Server. Should you choose a server from your web hosting that is one location with your target visitor. If you are the target visitors in US then choose a server that is in US. But if you are a visitor targer abroad try to use overseas servers.
  3. Stability. Server stability is important. So try to select the server relatively stable / rarely broken connections, down time or up time is very affecting your business site.
  4. Security. Hacker attacks, spam, viruses and most likely will happen to you so always be aware of these things.
  5. Technical Support. Try to use web hosting services that have a Technical Support for 24 hours straight. Because if one day you use a web hosting experience a problem it will be immediately confirmed by Technical Support. You’ll get frustrated if you fine something wrong with your site and there is no support team from the web hosting company can assist you to solve the problem. Live support is really important for web hosting business because an error can happen any time. Don’t forget phone or email support from your web hosting provider.

There are so many factors you need to consider before choosing a web hosting provider to support your business, beside your budget, you need to consider what you need from a web hosting provider for your business, you may have a deep consultation with an expert before you make your decision.

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  2. Jean

    Very good tips about choosing the right webhost. When I first started out, I went for the lower priced ones since I didn’t have much capital. As things got better for me financially, I started using more expensive hosts that guaranteed better response times and uptime, which are very important attributes in today’s competitive scene.


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    i want to know which is the best web hosting provider,right know i am using bluehost we hosting.