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Social Media: A suitable marketing tool?

December 20th, 2012

It is an established fact that no other channel brings in as many views as does the blessed social media. According to Gillian Parkinson, an Aromatologist, this particular channel helps her generate about half of the traffic directed towards her website which is reason enough for her to regularly dedicate some time to social media. Owning two different businesses which are both highly active on social media websites such as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, Parkinson emphasizes how both her businesses benefit tremendously from this medium in terms of generating traffic. The main reason why Parkinson considers social media marketing to be a large contributor to her business’s success is the fact that it allows her to perfectly follow the “sharing is caring” approach rather than the “tell and sell” one. Sharing information on social media effectively allows her to obtain feedback and interact with her customers, resulting in automatic sales.

The Advantages

Each social media website has its own exclusive offering that can help you successfully market your product or service.

Facebook, for instance, can help you reach a larger audience by penetrating the circle of friends that your users have. This presence of a page can be made more prominent by obtaining the maximum number of likes. Users can be encouraged to hit the like button on your page using many creative tools ranging from special previews of products to promotional discounts or rewards only specifically offered to followers of the page.

Twitter helps in quickly spreading short messages from a business as it posts tweets about whatever information it wants to share. The larger the number of Twitter followers that a business has, the more widespread will be its reach. Users can further spread the message for a business by re-tweeting their message.

The newest player in this field i.e. Pinterest also holds huge potential when it comes to marketing. Despite the fact that it offers no means for consumers to buy products, it can work wonders for businesses working on the creative front as it can be used effectively to circulate images of your exclusive products by pinning them to your board. The audience can be further increased as users re-pin the images that they find interesting.

Doing it right

While social media seems to be a suitable platform for a business to successfully promote its products, using it alone in isolation might not serve to be the wisest move. A business’s social media outreach efforts should form only part of a more holistic marketing plan that uses a combination of imperative marketing tools like word of mouth and the likes in order to promote products and services. Also, businesses should not rely altogether too much on technology for generating sales given how keylogger as well as mobile and computer monitoring software are always out on the prowl for innocent victims at all times. Thus it is wiser to make online marketing a part of your strategy rather than formulating the whole of your marketing strategy around this one tool.

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