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World class blogging strategy by Guy Kawasaki

October 13th, 2011

Guy Kawasaki – A former Apple associate, famous author and co-founder of Garage Technologies has passion for blogging. The ever smiling Guy attracts hundreds of thousands of readers through his blogs and books filled with unique content spiced with humor. Guy Kawasaki’s approach will benefit new bloggers as well as experienced bloggers. Indeed that has helped me a lot as a blogger when I started blogging about discount coupons for my discount deals site You Love Coupons that features carbonite and sitter city discount codes.OK let’s dive in.

Not diary but as a book

You should write each blog as if you are writing the page of a book. When you write for a book, you will be extremely careful in your presentation. You will present the content in a systematic way. There should be no room for ambiguity. Your ideas should be presented in such a way that it will be easy to understand.

The blog should make some change in reader’s life and this change will make your reader visit your site again. This is the first point advocated by Guy Kawasaki towards successful blogging.

Keep it simple and short (KISS)

Presentation of quality content plays an important role in bringing repeat visitors. The content should be presented in such a manner that it can be easily understood by novice in the field. If you are able to analyze, review and explain complicated things in a simple way, you will be able to add new customers.

And, you can also retain existing customers. It is not the quantity but the quality matters most. Guy Kawasaki stresses that the little man sitting on your shoulder should understand what you are writing.

Email addresses

Guy Kawasaki advocates the need for collection of email addresses. You can start compilation of your email addresses even before you start blogging. You should explore all kinds of sources to obtain a database of email addresses.

Guy Kawasaki is against spamming activities and purchase of email addresses. It is better to avoid sending mails to unknown people as you may not expect replies from them. Every email you send out can be filled with email signature referring your blog address. Your blog will be publicized free of cost.

Link building

For successful blogging, your blogs should have links from other websites (In-bound links), especially from other blogs. You will never know in which way you could be benefited by having these links. Link building activity should be planned right from the first blog that you launch.

Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant

Guy Kawasaki cites the quote, “eat like a bird and poop like an elephant” from Japanese philosopher.
To be successful in your blogging category, you should be able to know where you are standing. You should know your competitor or those who are performing better than you. For example, you can search for the top 50 blogs in your domain area and should follow those blogs closely. These top ranking blogs are information beacons that show you path to go ahead. You will be able to present right content in right time. This leads you towards successful blogging.

Supporting other bloggers

When you write comments on others’ blogs, you are supporting those blogs. You can comment on top ranking blogs in your category. This will help your comment to be exposed to new set of readers. Your valid and timely comment may bring you an opportunity in the form of guest blogging. There is a chance to get new visitors from other blogs too.

Responding comments on your blogs

If you respond visitor’s comments on your blogs, your visitors feel recognized. They will read more blogs written by you and suggest your blogs to their friends as well.

Taking help from others

If necessary, you should not hesitate to take help from your readers. As your readers are benefited by your blogs, they will be eager to give back something.

Broadminded personality

You should be able to maintain balance in all circumstances. If you are confident about the content you are presenting, you will not be shaken in times of trouble (when visitors give negative feedback on your blogs).

What is your blogging strategy?

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  1. Ahsan

    Excellent tips on blogging. I think if a blogger follow this tips, he’ll be master of blogging
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  2. Guy Kawasaki has been one of the many great speakers in Silicon Valley and is very well-known for his awesome ideas. Now I like what you said about treating the blog as a book and not as a diary. I think this is where a lot of bloggers get trapped. There’s a fine distinction between the writing style but ultimately it’s about how the ideas are presented.
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  3. Ana

    Interesting point about writing your posts as pages of a book, Jane – something to think about.
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  4. Ana

    Interesting point about writing posts as pages of a book, Jane – something to think about.

    On the other note: noticed your blog is PR3 now – congrats!
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  5. decal

    Well i believe in KISS..keep it straight and Simple…blog should be very simple and to the point ..