How TikTok is Changing the Game for Beauty Lovers

By | October 6, 2023

TikTok is not just a platform for viral dances, funny skits, and lip-syncing videos. It’s also a place where beauty enthusiasts can discover new products, techniques, trends, and hacks that can transform their looks and routines. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, you can always find something new and exciting to try on TikTok.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 8 TikTok trends that are shaping the beauty industry in 2023. These trends are not only popular and fun, but also innovative and influential. They reflect the creativity, diversity, and experimentation of the TikTok community, as well as the changing needs and preferences of consumers in the post-pandemic era.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the 8 TikTok trends that are shaping the beauty industry in 2023.

1. Skinimalism

Skinimalism is a trend that embraces natural and minimal makeup, focusing on enhancing rather than covering up the skin. It’s a reaction to the heavy and flawless makeup styles that dominated social media for years, as well as a way to celebrate individuality and authenticity.

Skinimalism is also influenced by the rise of skin care as a form of self-care during the pandemic, when many people had more time and interest to invest in their skin health and appearance. According to Pinterest, skinimalism was one of the top beauty trends for 20221, and it continues to be popular on TikTok in 2023.

To achieve the skinimalist look, you’ll need a few key products: a hydrating moisturizer, a tinted sunscreen or BB cream, a creamy blush or bronzer, a clear or tinted brow gel, and a lip balm or gloss. The goal is to create a fresh and dewy complexion that looks effortless and radiant.

Some of the TikTok creators who are known for their skinimalist looks are @skincarebyhyram2, @jamescharles3, @michellekhxn4, and @lovetrenna5.

2. Faux Freckles

Faux freckles are another trend that celebrates natural beauty and adds some fun and whimsy to your makeup. Faux freckles are fake freckles that you can create with various products, such as eyebrow pencils, eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks, or even henna.

Faux freckles can give you a sun-kissed and youthful look, as well as add some dimension and texture to your face. They can also help you embrace your imperfections and enhance your features.

There are many ways to create faux freckles on TikTok, but one of the most popular methods is using a brown liquid lipstick and a stippling brush. You simply dot the lipstick on your face with the brush, then blend it out with your fingers or a sponge. You can also use different shades of brown to create more realistic and natural-looking freckles.

Some of the TikTok creators who are known for their faux freckles are @the.olivia.sage, @helinndosk, @veradani, and @anliso0.

3. Glazed Donut Nails

Glazed donut nails are a nail art trend that mimics the look of glazed donuts with sprinkles. They are super cute and colorful, perfect for adding some sweetness to your manicure.

Glazed donut nails are easy to create at home with some nail polish, glitter, and top coat. You simply paint your nails with a pastel or nude color, then add some glitter on top while the polish is still wet. You can use any shape or size of glitter you like, such as hexagons, stars, hearts, or circles. Then you seal everything with a glossy top coat to create the glazed effect.

Some of the TikTok creators who are known for their glazed donut nails are @heygreatnails, @nailsbyjema, @nailstorming, and @nailartbyjenney.

4. Foundation Frothing

Foundation frothing is a trend that involves whipping your foundation with an electric frother before applying it to your face. The idea is that frothing your foundation will make it lighter, airier, and more blendable, resulting in a smoother and more natural finish.

Foundation frothing is also supposed to help you save money and product, as you’ll need less foundation to cover your face. Plus, it’s fun and satisfying to watch your foundation transform into a fluffy and creamy texture.

To try foundation frothing, you’ll need a liquid foundation and an electric frother. You simply pour some foundation into a small bowl or cup, then use the frother to whip it until it becomes bubbly and foamy. Then you apply it to your face with a brush, sponge, or your fingers, and blend it out as usual.

Some of the TikTok creators who have tried foundation frothing are @mikaylanogueira, @makeupbyariel, @jamescharles, and @nikkietutorials.

5. Hair Clips

Hair clips are a trend that brings back the nostalgia of the 90s and early 2000s, when hair accessories were all the rage. Hair clips are not only functional, but also fashionable, as they can add some flair and personality to your hairstyle.

Hair clips come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, such as barrettes, bobby pins, claw clips, snap clips, and more. You can use them to create different looks, such as half-up half-down, side-swept, braided, or bun hairstyles. You can also mix and match different hair clips to create more fun and unique combinations.

Some of the TikTok creators who are known for their hair clip styles are @lovesungirl_official, @anitta, @macsbraiding, and @andrespriet.

6. Menstrual Blood Perfume

Menstrual blood perfume is a trend that involves using your own menstrual blood as a base for making your own perfume. The idea is that menstrual blood contains pheromones, which are chemical signals that can affect the behavior and mood of others, especially potential mates.

Menstrual blood perfume is supposed to help you attract more attention and interest from others, as well as boost your confidence and self-esteem. It’s also a way to embrace your femininity and celebrate your natural cycle.

To make menstrual blood perfume, you’ll need some menstrual blood (obviously), some alcohol (such as vodka or rubbing alcohol), some essential oils (such as lavender, rose, or jasmine), and a spray bottle. You simply mix some menstrual blood with some alcohol in a ratio of 1:10, then add some drops of essential oils to create your desired scent. Then you transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and use it as a perfume.

Some of the TikTok creators who have tried menstrual blood perfume are @lunamontana, @tiktokperfume, @sophiaelizabethh, and @jessicawilde.

7. Red-Nail Theory

Red-nail theory is a trend that claims that women with red nails attract more men than women with other nail colors. It’s based on a 2008 study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, which found that the color red enhances men’s attraction to women.

Red-nail theory suggests that red nails signal sexual availability and desire, as well as confidence and power. Red nails can also make your hands look more feminine and elegant, as well as draw attention to your gestures and expressions.

To try red-nail theory, you’ll need some red nail polish and some confidence. You simply paint your nails with your favorite shade of red, then go out and see if you get more compliments, glances, or flirts from men.

Some of the TikTok creators who have tried red-nail theory are @nicollefigueroaa, @mimiermakeup, @tickslu84, and @valeriasalazarr.

8. Gambling Sponsorships

Gambling sponsorships are a trend that involves partnering with online gambling platforms or casinos to promote their services and products on TikTok. The idea is that gambling sponsorships can help you earn money and exposure, as well as entertain your audience with exciting and risky content.

Gambling sponsorships are also influenced by the popularity of sports betting and online gaming during the pandemic, when many people were looking for new ways to have fun and make money from home. According to Forbes, gambling sponsorships will be more visible in international cricket after restrictions lifted in 2023.

To try gambling sponsorships, you’ll need to have a large and engaged following on TikTok, as well as an interest in gambling or gaming. You’ll also need to find a reputable and reliable gambling partner that offers attractive deals and benefits. Then you’ll need to create content that showcases your gambling skills or challenges, as well as your gambling wins or losses. You’ll also need to follow the ethical and legal guidelines of gambling sponsorships, such as disclosing your partnership, being honest and transparent, and avoiding promoting gambling to minors or vulnerable groups.

Some of the TikTok creators who have tried gambling sponsorships are @davidbeckham, @viratkohli, @shane_warne, and @danbilzerian.


These are some of the TikTok trends that are shaping the beauty industry in 2023. They show how TikTok is a powerful and influential platform that can inspire and challenge beauty lovers to try new things and express themselves. Whether you’re looking for some tips, tricks, hacks, or fun, you can always find something to suit your taste and style on TikTok.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new. If you did, please share it with your friends and leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on these TikTok trends. Which one is your favorite? Which one would you like to try? Which one do you think is the most bizarre or interesting? Let us know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more beauty content from us.

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